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About Red Rocks Web Development

Bringing Modern Web Development to Local Businesses

Red Rocks Web Development was founded on the belief that having a high-performance website as the hub of your online presence is essential for businesses. Businesses need access to high-quality, performant, secure, and conversion-focused websites that are optimized for search engines and users.

Your website is your first chance to make an impression with potential customers. It is your platform to communicate, inspire, educate, and sell products or services to your audience. It needs to be readily available for existing and potential customers. It needs to load fast. It needs content that convinces people to reach out to you.

Red Rocks Web Development is not an agency where you'll be passed from person to person. Instead, you'll work with a solopreneur who's network consists of an elite team of fully remote operatives - professionals including digital marketing consultants, expert content writers, and graphic designers working around the world to build the best websites for growing businesses. I work only with clients that I can help to win online, and we focus on doing the things we do better than anyone else.

At Red Rocks Web Development, I use modern web development techniques and custom, repeatable digital marketing strategies to create websites that keep you ahead of the competition in performance and visibility. Our core offerings include:

Whether you need a simple single-page online portfolio, a lead generation platform for business, or an ecommerce shopping platform with blazing fast load times, Red Rocks Web Development can bring your vision to reality.

Why Red Rocks?

I am based in the beautiful state of Colorado, USA. My city is home to world-renowned sandstone formations that have drawn people for hundreds of years, and Colorado is home to the world-famous Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, the best venue in the world to catch performances from some of the world's greatest artists. We love the memories created over the years in these places and wanted to honor these amazing parts of nature that make Colorado such a great place to live, work, and trail run!

Is Red Rocks Web Development the right fit for your project?

Assembling the correct team is essential for success. Here are some qualifiers that we look for when determining if our relationship will be beneficial.

You need a new website, or you have one that needs to be upgraded

While we do offer website management services for WordPress and React websites, our bread and butter is working with companies to bring a new website to reality.

You're looking for a specialist who builds high-performance websites without sacrificing SEO.

When we have to make decisions about the direction to take a website, our instinct is to prioritize the items that will bring users to your website organically.

Your website is one part of a larger marketing budget

We work with clients who want to establish an ongoing relationship where you will invest in digital marketing strategies that will help you to get the most benefit out of your website.

You have a budget of at least $10,000

Bringing a website to life and populating it with the right content requires a significant investment and expertise to ensure success. Our clients are equipped with the resources to fund a high-performance website.

You have a marketing team that needs insight into React.js

We provide technical SEO consultation for brands using React-based websites such as Gatsby.js, Next.js, and headless Shopify stores. Clients employing these tools benefit from the expertise of a consultant with real-world experience operating winning digital marketing campaigns, as well as developing React web applications that prioritize SEO.
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