Website Analytics & Reporting

Website analytics provide vital information about your website, from the performance of the website itself to how users engaged with its content on each visit. Without web analytics, business owners would be left in the dark about how their website was performing, grasping at straws in a miserable quest to attract customers without any indication about where things have gone wrong. Website analytics shine a light on all of these concerns, and empower managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to make data-driven decisions regarding their website and digital marketing strategies.

Web Analytics Services

Every website owner should be empowered to understand exactly how their website is performing at any time. This is why Red Rocks Web Development includes website analytics setup using Google Analytics with any standard website build. Additional website analytics reporting tools are available as part of our Marketing Plus Package, and we offer custom data dashboards as an à la carte option on all websites as well.

Server-Side Analytics Reporting

Today, many websites utilize server-side rendering or facilitate continuous interaction between the client and server. Contact Red Rocks Web Development for consultation and implementation of server-side web analytics utilizing the latest industry standard tools to measure server engagement.

Website Analytics – Red Rocks Web Development