Content Writing Services

It’s important for websites to be fast, well-designed, and a place where your customers can contact you. We specialize in web development services to produce quality websites for businesses to find new customers. However, even the best website won’t attract you new customers if it doesn’t have the right content.

What is Content?

Content refers to the actual content that users see when they land on the site. This includes the text on your main pages and blog posts, and also the images, videos, and other resources. For our purposes, when we talk about Content we are primarily referring to the written content – but we can also source other assets for you.

Why is Content Writing Important?

Content is important because of how users find new businesses in 2022. Over 80% of us search for what we are looking for in Google, and the rest use alternative search engines like Bing or DuckDuckGo. The only way search engines can figure out what your site is about, and send users to you, is by having the right content on your website’s pages.

Not All Content is the Same

Content writers are not simply putting any words on a page. Content writing includes strategy based on effective content techniques, psychology, studying user behavior, and language that convinces people to buy from you. As attention spans get shorter, Content writers must be more concise and easy to understand than ever.

Content Writing Services

At Red Rocks Web Development, we offer Content writing services because we believe it is essential for many businesses to have consistent, high-quality content on their websites to be successful.

Our in-house Content writer has over a decade of writing experience, a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and has produced Content for too many websites to count. We also have relationships with exceptional writers in many industries, so if your business is in a specialized niche, we can source the best content for your industry.

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