Local SEO Services

Local SEO is all about bringing real people in the door at a business that serves people in a specific geographic area. While local SEO is employed by national chains to boost individual locations, the same techniques can be used by local businesses to boost their presence in search results.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a branch of search engine optimization services that is focused on building a business’ presence in a local market. Users search differently when they are searching for a local business. For example, we’ve all searched for “coffee shops near me,” or something similar. Local SEO means that we are improving your chance of being found locally by optimizing your website, as well as other platforms that generate traffic and leads from your service area.

Google Business Profile Management

Google business profiles, previously known as Google My Business, include a set of tools for businesses that give them a huge advantage over their competitors. This allows businesses to put themselves on the map – Google maps, that is – and control the information about their business that is listed there.

Many of us pull out our phone and look in Google maps to find shops, restaurants, and galleries. We also use it to plan vacations and identify the best places to frequent in unfamiliar neighborhoods. The businesses that show up in these searches, and whose profiles are properly optimized, stand the best chance to win new customers every day from this powerful platform. At Red Rocks Web Development, we have experience creating, optimizing, and managing Google Business profiles for both local and national businesses. We offer Google Business profile creation and management as part of our digital marketing services.

Professional Local SEO Services from Red Rocks Web Development

If your business is not leveraging local SEO, you are missing out on one of the biggest opportunities to consistently reach more customers and build your business in your own community. Learn how to find yourself when you Google and utilize Google Business profiles to beat the competition. Contact Red Rocks Web Development to get started with local SEO services.

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