Technical SEO Consulting

Technical SEO is a mystifying area for most digital marketers when they first enter the field of Search Engine Optimization. Every website is built differently, and over time many large websites have become conglomerate behemoths bearing vestiges of abandoned projects and forgotten ideas that somehow manage to display the correct information to the user – except when they don’t.

In my early days as a digital marketer, I was fascinated by technical SEO. I wanted to understand everything, from how data is sent from one computer to another, to how the browser renders it, to how to leverage JavaScript to provide dynamic experiences and pleasing user interfaces over the web.

Professional React.js SEO Services

Since 2014, React.js has become one of the most popular ways to build modern websites. Many brands are having their website rebuild using React.js for the performance upgrades such as the incredible speed and security offered by Jamstack websites. At Red Rocks Web Development, we build websites with React.js and are uniquely positioned to offer superior technical SEO consulting for React.js websites.

Most digital marketers are not web development professionals, and do not have the familiarity with React.js required to optimize websites using React effectively. Additionally, React.js is continually updated, and techniques can quickly become outdated. The best experience for your marketing team is to work with a consultant who understands SEO and is also fluent in writing React.js code to build high-performance websites. This is the experience you will find when working with Red Rocks Web Development.

Technical SEO – Red Rocks Web Development