Headless WordPress Development

Headless WordPress development means building a website where the backend uses WordPress – meaning that it is easy for anybody to add or update content using the world’s most popular Content Management System – while the front end of the website is completely decoupled. This provides many benefits such as increased speed, better security, and greater flexibility in adding additional functionality as your needs for your website grow.

What is a Headless Website?

Traditionally, most websites have utilized a configuration where the backend stores and processes your data, and when users request a web page on your site, it builds the page and sends it to the user. With headless CMS websites, when new content is published the website is automatically updated and ready for users to request it. This means load times are almost instant, and the site is more secure because it is not continually connected to your database.

Why Headless WordPress?

There are many benefits to choosing WordPress to power your headless CMS website. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System for websites – ever. It powers over 40% of all websites, including this very page!

Business owners, marketers, creators, and everyday bloggers love WordPress because it makes it easy to manage content for a website without needing to know how to code. Easily update content, add or change images, and optimize your website for search engines from WordPress, while the high-performance frontend handles how it will look and be delivered to users. Enjoy the same performance-driven websites powering brands like Nike, Kroger, and Apple – without needing to get into the technical details.

Getting Started with Headless WordPress

Are you interested in getting your own WordPress site with a headless configuration? You’ve come to the right place.

Red Rocks Web Development specializes in headless WordPress. We handle every part of the process, setting you up with a preconfigured WordPress installation that is optimized for performance and ready to be updated with new content. You can even paste content straight from Word or Google Docs!

Your site will be SEO-ready, and you will even receive a personalized video recording walking you through how to edit content on your own as you move forward. Not interested in maintaining the site yourself? I also offer managed hosting, ongoing website management plans, content creation, and digital marketing services.

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